Introducing the Tempus wetsuit range

Introducing the Tempus wetsuit range

The Nyord Tempus range presents a solid framework of suits to see you through until September (October even). With such a wide range of styles, fits and thicknesses, you can easily dip in and out of the range as you see fit. There’s some shorties, some full sets, and even an on-trend Long John for mellow summer logging sessions. 


They’re super stretchy, warm but not too warm, competitively priced, and crafted from the same high-end limestone neoprene as the more expensive Furno range. Utilising flatlock seems in favour of GBS (glued and blind stitched), you're provided with improved breathability and flexibility.

But to get a better understanding of why these wetsuits should be next on your summer wish list (whatever your watersport of choice), let’s get into a few details. But to start, a little bit of daydreaming. 

The Tempus 2/2 Shorty

Picture the scene. The sun is teasing the horizon, you look out from your balcony (everyone owns a beachside balcony in dreams) and see a set of peeling right handers rolling away down the beach. It’s hot. But British summertime hot. Where boardies and bikinis are still a no go, but your 3mm is looking a little toasty for today. Enter the Nyord Tempus 2/2 Shorty.

In the Men’s iteration, you are provided with a short sleeved, short legged suit that’s perfect for beginners just looking for a reliable all-rounder, or amateur surfers after something a little more forgiving than a full length wetsuit. For Women, you have a near identical suit, or a long sleeved, swimsuit-style shorty. This is the perfect fit for wild swims (all year round even), summer surfs, and sunrise SUP sessions - One of our most popular suits within our community.  

The Tempus 2/2 Long John (or Jane)

The original full-suit, the ‘long john’ has become an unofficial uniform of the longboard scene in recent years. This sleeveless, long-legged suit is ideal for all-day summer sessions, with the easily accessible chest zip allowing for easy entry and removal, whilst the breathable flatlock seams ensure free movement out on the water. The Men’s and Women’s suits are near identical (switching Jane for John), with a central front zip running vertically up the body.

Due to its shape and zip-type, the Tempus 2/2 Long John is a great wetsuit for anyone that might struggle with the constraints of a full suit. Here, you have full autonomy of your arms free from rubber, whilst the anti-slip cuffs ensure a comfortable fit and watertight seal around your ankles. This is great for not just surfing, but also swimming, kayaking, and summer sailing trips.

The Tempus 3/2 Chest Zip

Last but definitely not least, we have the Tempus 3/2 Chest Zip. This suit is an ideal all-rounder to keep the cold at bay over Spring, whilst eeking out those last few sessions in September before a thicker set of outerwear is required (see the Furno Ultra 4/3 as an answer to Autumnal swell). 

The Tempus 3/2 fits snuggly into any amateur to intermediate surfer’s wetsuit rail, ideal for Euro trips or the unpredictability of Cornish summertime. If you’re looking to up your wave count all year round, we recommend the Tempus 3/2 Chest Zip and then a thicker 5/4 plus boots, gloves, and hood to protect against the colder conditions from October to March. 


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