“We strive to minimise our environmental impact by finding better ways to produce the products we love. Like many industries, surf isn’t perfect, but we’re trying hard to do things better.”

Made to Last.

We don’t release new products every season that contribute to overconsumption. Instead, we use high quality materials and timeless design to deliver warm, long-lasting kit. 

Trusted Manufacturing Partners.

Our products are manufactured in BSCI certified factories. The BSCI is a non-profit organisation focused on upholding international labour standards.

Responsible Materials.

Discarded plastic waste in our oceans is a growing problem. Our wetsuit hangers are engineered to use 100% recycled ocean plastic. 

The PrimaLoft lining in our change robes is sustainably manufactured using 100% recycled polyester.

We try to avoid plastic bags, but those we do use are recycled and recyclable.


Traditional waterproof coatings contain harmful fluorocarbons (PFCs) which is why our robes use a coating that is free from PFCs and formaldehyde. 

Limestone Neoprene.

We reduce our reliance on oil by using limestone-based neoprenes instead of petroleum-based ones.