Which Nyord wetsuit is right for you?

Which Nyord wetsuit is right for you?

We’ve got three fantastic wetsuit ranges, each with different benefits. We’ve put together this super simple guide to walk you through each range and take the guesswork out of finding the right one for you.

What they all have in common 

Every Nyord wetsuit is made of a super stretchy limestone neoprene that delivers great flexibility and reduces our reliance on oil by replacing traditional petroleum-based neoprene.  

All Nyord wetsuits also have glued and blind stitched (GBS) seams, as well as taping on the critical seams that get put under the most pressure. GBS seams just mean that the panel edges are glued together and stitched on the inside, only partially perforating the neoprene, resulting in a fully watertight and flexible seam. The watertight seal provides extra warmth while the taping improves durability.

The last common feature of all the Nyord wetsuits is the anti-slip ankle and wrist cuffs that stay put and create a watertight seal to minimise water flushing through the suit.


–3/2 Furno back zip

The Furno is our least expensive wetsuit. It’s ideal for new surfers or summer surfers who surf occasionally. It delivers a great balance of value and quality, incorporating some high-end features at an affordable price. 

This range is lined with a fast dry jersey lining that speeds up drying time between sessions so you can get back on the water faster. The back zip entry means you’ll find this wetsuit really easy to get on and off.

Furno Warmth 

–Furno Warmth thermal insulation

The Furno Warmth range comes in two different thicknesses: 4/3mm and 5/4mm. The 4/3mm is a great wetsuit for surfing from mid-spring through to autumn. Whereas the 5/4mm can be worn through the winter months as well.

Balancing comfort and warmth with flexibility, our mid-price wetsuit is a great all-rounder. The plush internal lining on the chest and back panels is an upgrade from the Furno range. With a soft brushed feel, 4-way stretch and large loops in the fabric to trap heat, this lining has great thermal insulation.

The Furno Warmth also uses a higher stretch and more durable taping on the critical seams. The chest zip entry system means more flexibility across the shoulders than a back zip, and less chance of flushing because the zip is smaller. Another upgrade for the Furno Warmth is the Glideskin neoprene neck- this is a very stretchy and comfortable type of neoprene. It sits snugly against the skin to prevent cold water from flushing down your neck.

Furno Ultra

–Furno Ultra chest zip

The Furno Ultra is our top of the range wetsuit. Perfect for summer surfing with a warm enough lining to take you through spring and autumn too.

Designed for ultimate surfing comfort, our premium wetsuit is loaded with high-end features. The Ultra has everything the Warmth range has but with an upgraded lining. The Ultra lining is super warm and plush, whilst holding onto minimal water for a quicker dry time. The lining covers more of the suit too, going from the chest to the knee.

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